A unique annual event providing an immersive space for our members to connect, celebrate and be inspired.

The Festival provides an informal space for North West leaders to share, learn and explore solutions together with like-minded people, and those with a different point of view. The immersive experience alongside the time and headspace away from the workplace, gives leaders the opportunity to rejuvenate and connect with colleagues.

Why a Festival?

We chose to call it a Festival over a conference as it’s important to create a unique atmosphere for energised attendees to explore innovative responses to their leadership challenges. In previous years we have weaved in creative activities, music and alternative meeting spaces to make this vision possible.

About the event

Headlined by a stimulating guest speaker, the Festival offers learning and exploration of the latest key leadership topics through a selection of practical workshops and presentations. Opportunities are created for leaders to build and apply new skills, share best practice and co-create new ideas at a local and system level.

Delegates can also network and browse our Innovation Hub, set to showcase and celebrate work across the North West, to find out how an organisation can make the most of its membership with the NHS North West Leadership Academy.

The event welcomes leaders from across the North West who are working in organisations and systems with a focus on our strategic priorities; across talent, inclusion, system leadership and transformation.


Access learning resources, videos and visuals from our past Festival of Leadership events:

2019 | Headlined by Jaz Ampaw-Farr ‘Leadership and System Transformation’


Event blog

2018 | Headlined by Jeremy Heimans ‘Understanding New Power’


You can also check out the activity on Twitter by searching #NWFoL

Watch this space…

We hope to share information later in the year for our Festival of Leadership 2020.


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