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System Leadership

One way of understanding system leadership is that of working beyond organisational boundaries on challenges of mutual concern that cannot be solved by any one person or institution. The system is no longer focused on operating as sole organisations and calls for a collaborative approach across a variety of new boundaries.

We recognise the complexity of these challenges upon the system and ask of leaders across the health and care system to embody future focused, inclusive leadership qualities. In response to local need, we have developed a suite of priority offers to support our North West leaders; see the highlights below or scroll down for more offers.

System Leadership Development

System Leadership Development Modules | Our System Leadership Development Centre is complemented by a suite of new System Leadership modules, which members can access either independently or as a result of the Development Centre. This is designed to complement our existing suite of senior leadership development offers.

Leading for System Change | Providing practical, place-based support to help build collaborative leadership thinking across all areas of Integrated Care Systems (ICS). The programme supports cross sector teams that are working on complex issues relating to ICS strategic priorities.  

Virtual Leadership & Support to System Working

Leaders can also access an online platform of support via Our NHS People:

ProjectM | A place and space for team leaders and managers to connect, share and learn together. Providing practical tools, resources and guidance for effectively leading their teams during challenging times.

Executive Suite | Supporting executive and senior leaders across health and care to meet the challenges of leadership over the coming years and to deliver the ambitions of the NHS People Plan. 

System Leadership Resources

Visit our resources library for supporting system leadership materials including the ICS Maturity Framework: Designing integrated care systems (ICSs) in England, or visit our case study library for learning from local projects. We have also collated a range of digital leadership resources including videos and toolkits to access at time to suit you. 

View the NHS Leadership Academy eBook for more about developing excellence in system leadership.


Click here for more information on the System Leadership Behaviour Cards

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