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Organisational Development

The definition of Organisational Development (OD) continues to be one that means many different things, to many different people. OD Practitioners will tell you the question ‘What is OD?’ is one which is asked time and time again, the answer isn’t always clear and you may get a different answer depending on who you ask. We use the definition described by the NHS OD community:

“In the NHS, the purpose of OD is to improve the quality and safety of patient care and we describe OD as enabling people to transform systems. OD is a field of practice where behavioural science is applied to organisational and system issues in order to align strategy and capability. OD enhances the effectiveness of systems through the provision of interventions that build capacity and capability to achieve our collective goals. OD improves the performance and health of systems by amplifying the humanity in our organisations, enabling people to flourish, thrive and have meaning in their work.”
Do OD (delivered by NHS Employers in partnership with the NHS Leadership Academy)

To find out more about Do OD please see here for access to their OD Essentials, Tools and Resources and their Culture Change Tool.

At the NHS NWLA, we have a long history of supporting and developing strategic OD capability by supporting leaders, OD and HRD leads to meet the demand of organisational and system level change and transformation. In 2005, we began the work which resulted in the development of our OD toolkit. This work continues to be used widely across the country in both the NHS and other sectors.

In more recent years we have started to consider OD talent pipeline, to develop confident and competent OD practitioners of the future, with the skills, knowledge and experience of operating and delivering OD at a system wide level. 

As we continue in this complex period of transition, we recognise that OD practitioner skills and leadership have never been as important as now. Those working in OD and transformational roles need to be at the forefront of system and service transformation, enabling the right conditions to tackle the immensely challenging system transformation required to deliver the ambitions of the STPs.

We are committed to supporting the OD community to lead change, service improvement initiatives, engage and motivate staff and develop the right values and culture to design and embrace the new health and care world. 

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In Spring 2019 #NorthWest Talent Practitioners were invited to come together to build their own Communities of Practice, safe spaces to connect, explore & shape perspectives, with the aim of developing effective systems. This is the story so far https://t.co/CcRtubgCa6 #NHSTalent https://t.co/qEpZ2snEB1
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We are aware of the many changes facing our most senior leaders and want to offer support; to allow them to explore the additional opportunities and challenges these changes bring. Access our Executive Coaching Support now. https://t.co/Y9mthCEFRY https://t.co/9zYq0bz4vJ
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