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Organisational Development

What is Organisational Development (OD)? OD Practitioners will tell you that this is a recurrent question within the OD field.  At a basic level, OD empowers leaders to transform organisations and systems, not for change sake, but to make the systems we use better for the people using it.  

At the NHS NWLA & LLL we refer to the definition described by DoOD and the NHS OD community:

“In the NHS, the purpose of OD is to improve the quality and safety of patient care and we describe OD as enabling people to transform systems. OD is a field of practice where behavioural science is applied to organisational and system issues in order to align strategy and capability. OD enhances the effectiveness of systems through the provision of interventions that build capacity and capability to achieve our collective goals. OD improves the performance and health of systems by amplifying the humanity in our organisations, enabling people to flourish, thrive and have meaning in their work.”
Do OD (delivered by NHS Employers in partnership with the NHS Leadership Academy)

In the ongoing context of public sector change and transition we recognise that OD practitioner skills and leadership have never been as important as now. Those working in OD and transformational roles need to be at the forefront of system and service transformation, enabling the right conditions to deliver the ambitions of the NHS Long Term Plan and the Interim People Plan. 

We have a long history of supporting and developing OD capability by supporting leaders, OD and HR colleagues to meet the demands of organisational and system level change and transformation. This began with the development of an OD toolkit, a framework for OD practitioner development, and more recently our work supporting the OD talent pipeline has helped North West practitioners to claim competence, recognising their skills and knowledge at a system level. We support the North West OD community to access development opportunities such as System OD and Change Consulting Skills, and connect to region-wide networks via events such as our OD Unconference.

To keep up to date with all NHS NWLA & LLL OD opportunities, join our community distribution list by emailing   

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