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*Applications now closed*

What is the programme? 

This programme has been designed to challenge and support leaders to develop their confidence, skills and mindset to work in a ‘change consultant’ capacity when engaging in cross-organisation and system change transformation and programmes of work.

Who is the programme for?

The programme aims to support senior healthcare professionals working on a transformational change project or leading/supporting strategic, complex system change.  Alternatively you may be a senior OD/HR or transformation professional working in and/or supporting others with, transformational change projects, for example:

  • A senior OD/HR and transformation professional working in strategic OD
  • A system change leader working across organisations within North West geographical footprints

This programme will provide you with an intensive development experience designed to extend your leadership confidence and skills in utilising a system change consulting and facilitation approach.

Programme Context

As leaders of system and cross-organisational change and transformation within the health and care system we increasingly find ourselves working outside our own organisations to support the transformation of care for citizens and communities with teams of professionals from across local health and social care systems, voluntary and private sectors. The Integrated Care Systems (ICS)/Accountable Care Organisation (ACO) agendas have underlined the importance of leaders learning how to work more effectively in this way.

Leaders working in the emergent and fast paced health and care system environment are increasingly expected to act as ‘transformational change consultants’ working to achieve change in their own organisations and across organisational boundaries at a local or regional system level often without traditional, formal authority to act. Working in this way requires an understanding of the relational and political dynamics that can impact change success. These system transformation agendas require leaders to develop and hone their transformational change skill set to challenge, influence and lead the significant transformation required across the public sector.

How does it work? 

The programme is highly experiential, using live, real time system transformation challenges experienced by participants. Learning is highly practical and can be readily applied between modules and in on-going work supported by a vibrant network of peer consultants.

Content overview:

Pre-work - to develop reflective skills and deepen the understanding of ‘self’ and what each delegate brings to their change role. Delegates will consider their career journey to this point and reflect on how this impacts on them in how they operate within and across systems to affect change.

Day 1: me, wanting to help - to assist each participant to identify their unique offering when in a change role - to explore some elements of who we are that will impact on the system/ people we are working within/ with. To encourage each participant to fully engage with the learning journey and prepare them for their first coaching conversation and module 2.

Coaching session 1 - in a confidential coaching environment, help participants explore their ‘sense making’ and deepen their understanding of them-selves in a change role . Exploration of any psychometric tools used previously and consider relevance to now - how might they integrate this understanding into their personal learning journey?

Day 2: me as observer/ analyst - to expand delegates range of awareness, attention and curiosity, to help delegates appreciate the full range of data and have confidence using a range of formal/ informal data - to assist participants in ‘tuning into myself as an observer/analyst’. Reflections from day 1 and coaching.

Day 3: me, choosing to act - to introduce delegates to the OD cycle,  considering what constitutes an intervention and how to broaden the range of intervention opportunities delegates have. Focus on how delegates can design interventions with care and regard to the ethics of OD practice and to plan for a change opportunity back in the workplace (and this will be done/started before day 4).

Coaching session 2 - this coaching session will be focused individual needs from the programme so far and to assist delegates in progressing their intervention opportunity • confidential conversations will take place around what is emerging for them as they go through the programme and to give dedicated time and space to take stock on how to apply their new knowledge and experience to affect the most change within their system.

Day 4: me, adding value - to help delegates to identify ‘higher stake’ situations, how to build confidence in acting in more complex/ high stakes scenarios and how to identify how to be more proactive in initiating higher stakes change.

How to apply?

To express interest in a future cohort, please email

This programme is highly sought after and we have worked hard to create a truly impactful and extensive experience for participants. If you express an interest and are chosen for one for the places, please ensure that you inform us as soon as possible, if you are no longer able to attend.

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