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The Platform for Transformation Leadership Programme was designed as an intensive intervention to influence and impact change across the North West system. It was launched in response to the personal challenges that senior leaders face when needing to work more collaboratively with local partners, provide services in a more integrated way and increase levels of personal efficiency. The programme builds the self-confidence of leaders working without traditional hierarchies and develops self-awareness, resilience and the ability to foster authentic leadership styles.   

The Programme 

The programme helps participants develop to a place where they can be:

  • Confident, skilful and impactful communicators and presenters;
  • Resilient under pressure and scrutiny;
  • Capable of working collaboratively and building productive relationships within organisations and across wider systems;
  • Comfortable with complexity and ambiguity;
  • Able to recognise, understand and influence different perspectives, contributions and experience;
  • Authentic with moral purpose (passion for doing the right things at the right time for service users).

The programme resources self-awareness and acceptance from within, allowing leaders to step forward into a place of authenticity, impact and influence within their teams, their organisations and their health and care systems. 

The Structure

Delivered in three phases, the methodology is grounded in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and psychotherapy, allowing for a deeper sense of personal growth, discovery and impact.  

  • The first phase of the programme is a guided self-exploration and outcome setting exercise starting one month before the residential element.
  • The second phase is a two-day residential held in North Yorkshire. Day one explores how participants can create their own platform of authenticity to engage and lead from within the system.  Day two generates motivation, energy, ambition and a desire to move forward, engage and influence. Participants leave with a greater sense of empowerment, self-belief and the confidence to inspire and impact across the wider system.
  • Post residential, a number of support options are available to participants including ‘phone-a-friend' support from the coach for a month after the programme.
Target Audience

This offer is to support system leadership activity. It is targeted at leaders who have a strategic role either at footprint or locality (place based) level. This includes:

  • Chairs, Chief Executives, Chief Operating Officers
  • Clinical Leads
  • Senior Responsible Leads
  • Senior Leads in Primary Care

In order to assess the impact of the programme from both a leadership and talent management perspective, a comprehensive evaluation was commissioned by NHS NWLA.

This included an online questionnaire to all participants, telephone interviews with selected participants and interviews with the team here at the NHS NWLA. The evaluation highlighted substantial benefits of the programme and a number of significant positive impacts on participants’ work and careers.

Summary of Participant Experience:

  1. Overall, all participants rated the programme in the highest category “Excellent”.
  2. Content and its relevance to current role was rated “Excellent” by all participants.
  3. 100% of participants rated learning methods and quality of course materials as “Excellent”.
  4. The coaches were all rated 5* by every participant.

As a result of the programme, one participant has now gone on to become an NHS Chair and many participants cited greater levels of confidence and personal credibility.

One reported that they are ‘engaging with very senior people in a confident manner, acting with more authority, actively accept more responsibility.’ Others reported that they are sharing more of their personal story, relating to current context, whilst talking from both heart and head and encouraging others to do the same.

The challenging nature of the programme was praised, particularly the way that participants are encouraged to leave baggage behind by adopting different perspectives, understanding their inner critic and allowing emotion into their leadership styles. Other benefits reported by participants included better use of narrative and storytelling, development of personal resilience, more effective framing of constructive challenge to create impact and active use of the presentation model used on the residential.

“The whole 2 days was an experience of self-discovery and realising potential. I think I will look back on this course as a key point in my career.” 

“The programme is transformational both professionally and personally.  The programme improves your personal interactions on all levels and develops your self-awareness, confidence and clarity of your personal message.” 

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