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The Programme 

The Platform for Transformation Leadership Programme supports leaders to step up with self-confidence, courage, belief and authenticity.  We are hearing repeatedly about the need for this type of support, given the challenging nature of some of the communications required by those in leadership roles across the health and care system.  The programme will enable leaders to have the impact and personal influence they need to embody and deliver strategic vision and ambitions.  

It will help participants develop to a place where they can be:

  • Confident, skilful and impactful communicators and presenters;
  • resilient under pressure and scrutiny;
  • capable of working collaboratively and building productive relationships within organisations and across wider systems;
  • comfortable with complexity and ambiguity;
  • able to recognise, understand and influence different perspectives, contributions and experience;
  • authentic with moral purpose (passion for doing the right things at the right time for service users).

The programme resources self-awareness and acceptance from within, allowing leaders to step forward into a place of authenticity, impact and influence within their teams, their organisations and their health and care systems. 

Delivered in three phases, the methodology is grounded in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and psychotherapy, allowing for a deeper sense of personal growth, discovery and impact.  The programme is delivered with small groups to ensure a personal and immersive experience.  Attendance will help participants remove blocks and mindset barriers and resolve inner conflict so they are able to make new and more resourceful choices.

Target Audience

This offer is to support system leadership activity.  It is targeted at leaders who have a strategic role either at footprint or locality (place based) level.  This includes:

  • Chairs, Chief Executives, Chief Operating Officers
  • Clinical Leads
  • Senior Responsible Leads
  • Senior Leads in Primary Care
Structure of the programme

Each cohort has five participants. The programme will be delivered in three key parts: 

Part 1 – guided self-exploration and outcome setting

This will start at least one month before the residential element.  This process enables each participant to start their personal development journey and arrive ready to make the most of the residential.  Participants will undergo a guided programme to fully explore their motivations for accessing the programme and set their outcomes.  Activities will include: 

  • a development journal;
  • a motivational exploration questionnaire;
  • a written brief critique of their personal communication style;
  • TED talks;
  • recommended texts;
  • the option of a 1:1 coaching call with the lead coach. 
Part 2 – two-day residential programme

The residential component will be held in North Yorkshire.  Participants will arrive the evening before the first day, and activity will run from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm each day.  Day 1 is based on the psychology of authenticity.  It allows participants to explore and understand what makes an authentic leader and communicator.  They will then create their own platform of authenticity to engage and lead from.  Day 2 sees each participant metaphorically light their own platform and create the motivation, ambition and desire to move forward, engage and influence.  This ensures that they are ready to leave empowered with the self-belief and confidence skill set to inspire and impact across their organisation and the wider system.

Part 3 – post-residential support

On completion of the residential component, a number of support options are available to participants: 

  • each participant will receive a toolkit.  This includes a 'refresh, do, share' methodology which allows delegates to enhance, improve and disseminate their learning and to inspire others. 
  • each cohort will be encouraged to form an action-learning set as a result of experiencing a shared journey with significant disclosure, with the aim of further embedding and developing their learning.
  • participants will have access to 'phone-a-friend' support from the coach for a month after the programme as they transition back into their health and care system with a new perspective.  This helps participants to embed their learning and make sense of new opportunities and situations.

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