Regional Talent Boards (RTBs) were established in 2017 to develop and improve leadership capability throughout the NHS, ensuring all staff can operate to their full potential for the benefit of health and care services.

RTBs form a vital part of achieving the goals of both the NHS Long Term Plan and the Developing People: Improving Care framework. This includes ensuring compassionate, inclusive and effective leadership at all levels, as well as promoting collaboration across boundaries to meet system wide aims.

Each RTB has representation from Chief Executives, Accountable Officers, Chairs, HR Directors and Regional Directors and is supported by the national and local Leadership Academy teams.

Principles of Regional Talent Boards

There are certain core principles which underpin all RTBs:

  • Each region’s organisations and senior leaders are at the heart of the RTBs and their work, setting the agenda and taking collective ownership.
  • The RTBs work to a ‘One NHS’ approach with Chief Executives, Accountable Officers and arm’s length bodies working to a shared ambition and speaking with one voice.
  • Inclusion, and the intent to use talent management to improve the diversity of leadership, especially at senior levels, should be at the heart of the RTBs’ work.
  • There will be a core programme of work that all RTBs will adopt and deliver, alongside which each RTB will identify its own additional regional priorities.
  • There is real emphasis on changing collective culture, mindsets and behaviours relating to talent management.
Delivery Model
The North Regional Talent Board

The North Regional Talent Board (NRTB) first met formally in June 2018 and is the second Regional Talent Board to be established across the country. The vision of the NRTB is that all health and care staff, employed in the North of England, can operate to their full potential for the benefit of health and care services.

The ambition for the NRTB is to enable a high quality, sustainable approach to identify, develop, support and deploy leaders, at all levels, to produce a compassionate, inclusive leadership culture with patients and local communities at its heart.

The NRTB is chaired by Angela Schofield, Chair at Harrogate & District NHS Foundation Trust. The Board is supported by a Working Group chaired by Deborah Davies, Managing Director for the North West Leadership Academy and a HR Directors Reference Group. 

The NRTB has a Project Initiation Document (PID) in place which pulls together the work plans for each of the work streams with key milestones. This is presented to the Board on a regular basis and is supported by a Communication and Engagement Strategy as well as an Inclusion Strategy which is currently in development.

The 3 North Local Leadership Academies will support the NRTB by working in unison, creating the conditions and necessary support to enable the system to take action to recognise and improve the wider talent management approach. This will be achieved through embedding good practice, inclusive cultures and talent management interventions in all organisations. 

Talent management will be owned and valued by the whole North system and coordinated by the NRTB. Organisations will be assisted to move to a collaborative approach, sharing real-time data on vacancies and demand, supporting North regional talent pipelines.

Further information and resources

Watch this excellent video setting out the purpose and scope of regional talent boards:

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