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The NHS NWLA empowers people in the North West to secure better health, care and wellbeing outcomes through leadership. Wherever opportunity lies — within the system and across diverse communities — we work to develop compassionate leaders and the conditions for inclusive, future-focused leadership. The Mentoring Scheme is part of an overall strategy which positions mentoring as one of a number of avenues to develop leadership capability at all levels within and across organisations in the North West.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is the support and guidance of one individual to another with a focus on professional development and achieving career goals. The emphasis is on the needs of the individual with mentoring encouraging autonomy and self-development while helping to identify opportunities for future development. Mentoring is available to a diverse range of employees and cross-organisational, cross-professional and peer mentoring relationships are actively encouraged. In the North West access as a mentor or a mentee can be made through our Mentoring Hub.

Why we think mentoring is important:

Developing individual and collective leadership through mentoring is particularly important considering the ongoing transformation both within the NHS and across the wider public sector. To meet the ambitions for the future of health and care, we believe mentoring:

  • recognises and values the diversity of talent within and across our existing workforce
  • creates an avenue to connect people so we can enable development where the work happens
  • generates collective leadership capacity in order to lead innovation
  • Connects beyond professional and/or organisational boundaries, to develop a wider understanding and view of the ‘bigger picture’
  • Offers off-line support, an external sounding board and ‘time-out’ for reflection, feedback, challenge and support
How the mentoring scheme aims to help:

The NHS NWLA Mentoring Scheme aims to increase the impact of mentoring by:

  • Empowering mentees to lead their mentoring experience
  • Empowering mentors to apply their knowledge, skills and experience in a mentoring conversation considering individual difference and contemporary context
  • Connecting mentees with available mentors across the North West
Who can join?

The NHS NWLA Mentoring Scheme is open to all NHS employees working in organisations in the North West covered by the NHS North West Leadership Academy footprint (Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Merseyside and Lancashire and South Cumbria).

Benefits of joining the scheme

Why become a mentee?

Mentoring is about getting support for your own learning and development wherever you are in your career. Working with a mentor will create a greater self-awareness of your unique talents and also identify some gaps in your current skills set. Using reflection you will learn what works best for you now and in the future, along with suggestions that can widen your horizons and narrow your actions.

It doesn’t matter what you do or where you’re from, having a mentor from a different organisation and professional background can facilitate new ways of working by broadening your horizons through sharing experiences.

To become a mentee, create a profile on our Mentoring Hub.

Why become a mentor?
  • Are you interested in your own development and learning?
  • Are you a good listener?
  • Are you self-critical, reflective and curious?

Mentoring is for you!

To become a mentor, create a profile on our Mentoring Hub and take part in a Mentor Development Programme. This is a series of 3 virtual, interactive half day sessions that will provide you with the knowledge and skills to be an effective mentor. Facilitated by an experienced Coaching and Mentoring Champion, these virtual sessions are a mixture of group work, discussions, practical activities as well as space for individual reflections and breaks to maintain energy. There is some pre-programme reading and activities to prepare you.

If you have further questions about the Mentoring Scheme please email:


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