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About the module

At the heart of leadership is the focus on the service-user. Historically, there has been a ‘pace setting’ leadership style prevalent within the NHS, that focused on targets and delivery rather than engaging both staff and patients. There is now a recognised need for leaders who will work with compassion and a strong sense of moral purpose. This module will provide insight into what it means to lead with compassion in the NHS for Primary Care Professionals. It will look at how current policies inform the healthcare landscape, focusing on the need for a passionate commitment to do the ‘right things at the right time for service users.

Learning outline

The context for this module will be set by an expert guest speaker in a current senior leadership role within the healthcare system who will outline what leading with compassion actually means in meeting the challenges of the current and future climate. They will outline the actions (day-to-day and long term) which have demanded and illustrated moral purpose in action. A range of highly relevant case studies will be used, showing service users’ experiences and ethical dilemmas. These will provide a basis for facilitated group discussions on what is the ‘right’ thing and (importantly), how and when to do it to get successful and safe outcomes. You will have the opportunity to reflect on your values, your authenticity and how you demonstrate compassion in your leadership role - along with how you transmit this through to your colleagues.

How to book

Primary Care professionals can register for this module via the booking link - see available dates to the right.

This module is delivered as part of our Aspirant Talent programme of development modules, with spaces reserved for Primary Care.

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