Go Back Leadership Programme for Senior Leaders in Federated Practices

Co-designed with input from local CCG and GP Federation leaders, this innovative leadership development intervention aims to facilitate collaboration and equip primary care leaders with the skills and support to work effectively in local health and care systems.

What is a Federated General Practice?

A Primary Care federation is a formal or informal alliance of General Practices, or General Practices and other community Primary Care providers, coming together to achieve and deliver a range of objectives.

NHS England 2015

Programme Overview

The programme provides an opportunity for senior leaders in federated practices to:

  • Build relationships locally by spending time together, benefitting from knowledge sharing with others
  • Better understand personal strengths and areas for development, including strategies to get the most out of others
  • Improve negotiation and influencing skills, especially when working with other senior leaders in large complex organisations
  • Understand strategy development with an outcome of the development of a strategic business plan
  • Learn how to lead to bring about change and innovation to the healthcare system

The programme comprises two interactive 1.5 day modules, spread over an agreed time period to allow for application and consolidation of learning.

Module 1 | Understanding New World Leadership and Crafting Strategies

Exploring the context and importance of collaborative leadership, effective leadership techniques and systems thinking. Participants will be guided to produce a ‘plan on a page’, summarising their federation’s vision, values and strategic objectives.

Module 2 | Driving Innovation, Change, Negotiating and Influencing Skills

Tools and techniques to support leadership through change, the process of negotiation and influencing in complex situations.

Find out more about the impact of the programme in our article 'Driving Change Through Federated Practices'.

How to access

If you are interested in accessing the programme for your federated practice please contact our Primary Care Team via email nwla.info@nhs.net.

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