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About the workshop

This one day module for Primary Care Professionals is designed to support development of resilience, purpose and confidence.  Whilst building on personal strengths, the workshop also enables you to identify and address the internal barriers which may be holding you back from achieving success when acting at (or preparing to act at) a governing body/ board level.

What will I learn?

There are a number of talented individuals within the system who seem to be limiting their own potential because of issues around individual confidence and belief in their own abilities. This appears to be exacerbated by the current context of the continually evolving health and social care setting within which the participants are working, and by the need to develop awareness and understanding of the hugely changeable and evolving “whole system” picture. 

The workshop will include interactive, innovative and reflective exercises to support individuals to achieve their potential. The content will cover:

  • Evidence-based psychological approaches (e.g. Cognitive Behavioural Coaching) throughout to tap into your greatest motivators and use these to reduce any limiting beliefs
  • A proven and effective process for shifting thinking patterns to enable a positive, resilient mind-set for future success
  • A wide range of learning approaches to enable an interesting, enjoyable and personally impactful day
  • Development of a positive mind-set for your own success, as well as new practical techniques to continue to enhance your self-belief, confidence and personal impact as you navigate the labyrinth of ambiguity and unchartered territory in the evolving health and social care landscape
How to book

Primary Care professionals can register for this module via the booking link - see available dates to the right.

This module is delivered as part of our Aspirant Talent programme of development modules, with spaces reserved for Primary Care.


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