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Leadership Through The Lens of Health and Wellbeing

The Healthy Leadership Framework was developed out of recognition of the impact good leadership and management have on employee wellbeing. The aim was to identify a behavioural framework that could be used flexibly to support healthy leadership development and help leaders promote positive wellbeing in the workplace.

HWBInspiration were commissioned to undertake the project, which scoped the relationship between health and wellbeing (HWB) and leadership while exploring the leadership behaviours that enable and encourage employee HWB in the workplace.

The final report below outlines the research undertaken and the findings, as well as highlighting practical ways you can embed the identified Healthy Leadership Framework in your day to day work:  

Click to open report

You can also download our one-page summary, which provides the framework and a short overview of its purpose and use in an easily digestible format:

Open the framework one-page summary
The Healthy Leadership Framework has three themes:

How I am, What I do, What we do together

Within each theme there are leadership/management behaviours that contribute positively to employee wellbeing and leadership/management behaviours that contribute negatively to employee wellbeing. The behaviours were shared widely and voted on publicly to help identify which had the greatest impact, ensuring employee views informed every stage of the project.

You can catch up on all these conversations by searching #NWHealthyLeadership or visit our Twitter page.

How could this work support you?

The results of this work might support you in a number of ways. This is not an exhaustive list, and we would like to hear how you will embed the framework so we can share this learning with others:

  • Supporting conversations in teams, across organisations
  • Informing training and development programmes
  • Informing organisations HWB strategies when considering workplace health and wellbeing (individuals, teams, managers/leaders)
  • Supporting self-development, identifying ways you already model healthy leadership behaviour at work, and ways you could further develop.

If you would like to let us know how you have used it/plan to use it – please do get in touch at

Link for more information on health and wellbeing

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