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The Healthcare Leadership Model (HLM) was developed to help you become a better leader in your day-to-day role. You don’t have to be in a clinical or service setting to use it. And it doesn’t matter whether you work in a team of five or are responsible for 5,000. The model is useful for everyone because it describes the things you can see leaders doing at work and demonstrates how you can develop as a leader.

The HLM has been developed to create a vision for leadership, one that reflects the very best in care and compassion, alongside a focus on excellence in strategy, vision, direction and engagement.

HLM – Self Assessment and 360 Degree Feedback

Self-assessment is a helpful way to better understand your own leadership behaviours and highlight areas of strength, weakness, and areas that you may need greater focus on. Our self-assessment questionnaire encourages you to think about which dimensions of the HLM are particularly important for your role, and will help you to compare how you rate yourself in these dimensions to inform your development plans. Once you have finished the questionnaire, you will have access to your downloadable PDF report which summarises your ratings. 

To access the free self-assessment tool please click here.

Would you like to ask others to provide feedback on your leadership behaviours as well?  If you decide you would like to upgrade to a 360 degree feedback questionnaire, you can easily do so by clicking ‘upgrade to 360’ from within your account.

What is 360 degree feedback?

360 degree feedback is a powerful tool to help you identify where your leadership strengths and development needs lie regardless of job role. The process includes getting confidential feedback from line managers, peers and direct reports (if applicable). As a result, it gives an insight into other people’s perceptions of your leadership abilities and behaviour.

An accredited feedback facilitator will work with you in a dedicated feedback session to help you interpret your report. This will enable robust development conversations as you will be able to see not only how you rate within each of the HLM dimensions, but also how important you and your raters feel those dimensions are for your role. The 360 degree feedback tool can be accessed via the NHS Leadership Academy website.

To find out further information around the Healthcare Leadership Model please see the NHS Leadership Academy's web page.

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