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The NHS North West Leadership Academy (NHS NWLA) has opened the 2022/23 Executive Coaching offer for our NHS NWLA members. Enabling support from quality assured coaches on our dedicated coaching hub.

The NHS NWLA understands the complex and changing environment that our senior leaders are currently operating in, and more recently the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has brought new issues for senior leaders to navigate.

We are offering Executive Coaching places to you and members of your Executive Team, or equivalent, whereby we will fund three coaching sessions (within a finite resource) and work with you to identify a suitable coach from our pool of quality assured profiles.

One to one support such as coaching can be a useful opportunity to senior leaders offering a focused, confidential, and developmental space. This one to one bespoke relationship is often perceived as the most effective development intervention that a senior leader in the NHS can access.  Undertaking coaching allows you to:

  • Reach self-identified career goals
  • Increase levels of satisfaction, motivation and confidence
  • Allows space to challenge thinking 

For further information around the impact and value of coaching please see our coaching hub page. 

How do I request support?

To apply for executive coaching fill out a simple application form. A member of the Executive Coaching team will then be in touch with you to confirm your eligibility for the programme.

If you are not able to fill in the form yourself, you can ask a nominated key contact to do this for you. If you have any queries on the application process, please contact us on

Who in my organisation can access this? How do I know if there are any places left?

The Executive Coaching Support offer for 2022/2023 is now available to access. These places will support members of the Executive Team (or equivalent) and you may have been identified by your organisation as a priority to access one of the places. If you are not sure if you are eligible to apply or would like to know how many places your organisation has used, please check with us as we will be able to confirm eligibility and share the numbers of places (non-identifiable) currently remaining for your member organisation.

How do I choose an executive coach?

On the NHS NWLA Coaching Hub, we have a number of Quality Assured External Executive Coaches. Once your application is successful, you will be sent a number of coach profiles to enable you to explore which coach you would like to take this forward with.

How much support can I access through the offer?

Each individual can access up to a maximum of three sessions of coaching funded within a finite resource. This amount will also include any expenses associated with the coaching relationship.

Is there any paperwork?

Arrangements for supporting this activity is via a Learning Agreement, a formal contract between the NHS NWLA and yourself, and is a commitment to the coaching relationship. This will be sent to you over email once your place has been confirmed, and you will need to complete the document with your chosen coach, sign your agreement, and return to  

When can my coaching relationship begin?

Once the Learning Agreement has been filled in and signed and returned to the NHS NWLA a contract will be drawn up with your chosen coach. Once the contract is in place your coach will contact you to commence your coaching sessions.

How will you measure the benefits of Executive Coaching?

We will send out an evaluation survey once you have completed your sessions to help us to understand how valuable you found your experience on the Executive Coaching programme. This short survey covers what you found beneficial as well as room to share thoughts and feedback on any areas for improvement on the programme. 



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