Community purpose and aims

At the NHS NWLA we are committed to working with our membership to identify and develop future generations of system leaders- individuals who can navigate and thrive in an ever complex and challenging health and care system.

The NW Emerging Leaders Community sits at the very heart of this endeavour, bringing together a diverse group of individuals including alumni of the Mary Seacole, Stepping Up Programme, as well as Graduate Management Training Scheme candidates and GMTS Alumni.

The Community aspires to be generative and self-sustaining, and to use its own ‘assets’ to provide Emerging Leaders across the region with the support they need. Community members have developed a Community of Purpose Manifesto and agreed on five key areas of activity to support emerging leaders across the NW: 

  • Peer Coaching: Exploring how community members can engage in informal coaching activity to share their knowledge, build new skills, and  reflect on their practices.
  • ‘Spread and Share’ good and bad practice: Looking at how the community can support the identification and sharing of innovative practice across the NW.
  • Shadowing: Exploring opportunities for job shadowing within the community; encouraging shared learning and reflection on shadowing experiences.
  • Networking: Looking at how community members can support each other with connecting to broader networks.
  • Role Design: Exploring how the community can influence the shaping of job roles so that they offer emerging leaders meaningful development opportunities.

If you would like to get involved or find out more about the NW Emerging Leaders Community, please contact us

Emerging Leaders Community | Compassionate Leadership

On the 10th October 2019 the NHS NWLA hosted a half day compassionate leadership session for the Emerging Leaders Network at Brockholes Nature reserve in Preston. Please see detailed report from the day here.

The Regional Emerging Leaders Reference Group

The community is overseen by the Regional Emerging Leaders Reference Group (formerly Steering Group), which is Chaired by Mel Pickup, CEO of Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Michele Cox, Deputy Divisional Director of Operations, Family Care Division, Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, and a member of the RELRG explains how ‘The work the Emerging Leaders Reference Group aims to  ensure that there is a planned approach to support, develop and employ a consistent stream of future-focused leaders across the North West. The NHS is currently facing unprecedented challenges and the Emerging Leaders Reference Group are committed to creating systems and environments for future leaders to realise their leadership potential.

‘We exist as a community of purpose to ensure the North West has a strategic approach to support, develop and employ a consistent stream of future-focused leaders to drive sustainable quality care.’

Emerging Leaders Community Manifesto

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