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These 2-part workshops will develop confidence in your meeting preparation, planning and structure. These tools will enable you and your organisation to deliver measurably better outcomes.

Why attend effective Chairing skills and what you can gain- here’s what some previous delegates have said

“A Comprehensive overview of all aspects of chairing, useful tools to use, and great tips on overcoming challenges and difficult behaviours”

“I've learned so much from these sessions - not enough time to note it all. Being prepared is key, stressing ground rules. Appreciate the workbooks with all the hints and tips. I would highly recommend”.

“Fantastic webinars, I feel much more confident, have a structure in mind, helped me to look at how I deal with conflict in meetings, excellent course and great participation from the group, I would highly recommend thanks”

“It is difficult to take time out for training with the current pressures in the NHS, in attending these webinars I have gained so much knowledge and know I now can get some much more from the meetings I chair. Excellent and very enjoyable sessions and plenty of food for thought. Thank you.”

“Excellent and inclusive course – the trainer got the tone spot on, Content very useful, the practical application was excellent to observe- really enjoyable sessions”

In the 7 years of running the training, over 99% strongly agree, that the training has met the aims, 100% say the content is relevant and applicable to their role, 100% rate the training as excellent.

These webinars have been designed for board and sub board level leaders, senior leaders and primary care colleagues who chair complex meetings. The webinars will give clear guidelines on best practice in the preparation, planning and structure of meetings to ensure successful outcomes.

For Primary Care colleagues: the Primary Care specific cohort will look at meetings that you attend and will highlight the particular approach, audience and strategies necessary when chairing. 

They will also enable participants to learn and practice the effective skills/facilitation of chairing and participating in more productive meetings.

The content will cover:
  • Best practice in chairing meetings and how to use these tips to improve how you are currently managing meetings.
  • How to use your interpersonal skills to keep control of the meeting and disarm disruptive participants.
  • Introducing each agenda item, and making sure they are dealt with effectively.
  • Structuring discussions to build group consensus and gain a clear decision on each specific agenda item.
  • Identifying what can go wrong in meetings and knowing what action to take to ensure participants keep focused on the task.
  • How to encourage appropriate participation and eliminate time wasting.
  • A range of scenarios to discuss the dynamics and behaviours of members at meetings and through role play, look at how the chair can manage these.
Who is it for? 

This offer has been commissioned to directly support senior leaders across the North West (including but not exclusive to NHS Organisation Board and Sub Board post-holders, Executive and Governing Body Leads, Primary Care Network senior leadership teams and those working across system level roles) if you would like to discuss access further please contact us at 

The training will be delivered during two interactive webinars. We advise that individuals attend both sessions sequentially for best benefit.

These modules are aimed at leaders working across systems who are in a position to share their experiences of system leadership
Pre work
  • You will complete a short questionnaire ahead of the sessions and return this in advance (it should take no more than 10 minutes for each webinar)
  • You will also need to reflect on examples of when meetings have gone well, along with examples of when meetings have not gone well and why this is.
1st Webinar:
  • You'll explore and understand the role and responsibilities of the chair in ensuing meetings are both productive and effective.
  • You'll explore and understand the chair role as a facilitator of the meeting.
  • You'll learn and shared best practice of chairing and improve how you are currently prepare, plan, and manage meetings
  • You'll use best practice to ensure that the agenda items are introduced and dealt with effectively.
  • As well as, identify what can go wrong in your meetings and know what action to take to ensure participants keep focused on the task and engaged.
2nd webinar:
  • By sharing experiences of challenging behaviours the group will learn how to deal with dynamics and unhelpful behaviours and find a challenge to gained practical tips on how the chair may deal with these of members effectively.
  • You'll build on that to discuss the skills required to deal with dynamics in meetings.
  • Finally you'll use the Effective Chairing skillset in a practice mock meeting to support the group develop their strategies in managing these dynamics effectively in your meetings.

Please use the link to the right side of this page to express your interest and be aware that you must commit to attending both webinars that make up each cohort.

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