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Are you passionate about coaching and mentoring with a desire to shape and support coaching and mentoring strategies in your organisation and locality? Are you looking to enhance your skills knowledge and experience, as well as sharing that knowledge with others? Why not become a Coaching and Mentoring Champion? We are currently recruiting!

The NHS North West Leadership Academy (NHS NWLA) empowers people in the North West to secure better health, care and wellbeing outcomes through leadership. Within the system and across diverse communities – we work to develop compassionate leaders and the conditions for inclusive, future focused leadership.

Coaching and mentoring can provide vital support and development at any point in your career, helping to develop adaptability, agility and resilience which are increasingly important in times of change and transformation. Our approach to coaching and mentoring is to ensure that individuals at all levels have access to support and that those providing that support have access to their own development opportunities. We provide a high quality, confidential service matching mentees with trained mentors and coachees with experienced and qualified coaches through our coaching and mentoring hub. The Hub provides all registrants with the facility to create a profile, manage relationships, book onto development interventions, access free resources and communicate with other members.

What is the Network?

As a Coaching and Mentoring Champion, you will be part of a network of Champions influencing the North West’s current and future approach to coaching and mentoring, whilst also supporting this agenda in your locality/organisation.

The Coaching and Mentoring Champions network is part of an overall strategy to support and enhance the positioning of coaching and mentoring as a means of developing leadership capability at all levels across the North West. Our Champions help us to understand the needs and where our focus can be directed to support this activity, meeting local and regional needs and developing a coaching and mentoring culture across the North West. Our ambition is to have an active Coaching and Mentoring Champions in every NHS organisation and locality across the North West.

As a Coaching and Mentoring Champion, you will also develop training skills and access direct train the trainer development to deliver Mentor Development Programmes.

What’s in it for you?
  • Access to a Champions Development Session - dedicated training to deliver the Mentor Development Programmes, how to support coaching and mentoring strategy in your organisation and how to function effectively as a network. The Champions Development Session will include fresh learning on how to facilitate and deliver a virtual training session.  
  • Access to our professionally designed North West Coaching and Mentoring Hub. This hub supports the matching of coaching and mentoring relationships across the North West from over 3000 individuals. As a Champion you would be provided with admin access to the coaching and mentoring hub for your organisation. Admin access enables the Champion to provide support to users directly and to run reports for the organisation.  
  • Free attendance to our regularly held Network Learning Events, Champion specific CPD support and access to a number of wider NHS NWLA interventions held across the year.  
  • Inclusion into our quarterly Champions Network Newsletter, sharing the latest accessible offers and news from across the region.  
  • Joining a supportive network of like-minded individuals who will be sharing similar challenges, and access to shared resources and best practice across the network.  
  • An opportunity to get support in building influence in your own organisation/locality.
What’s in it for Organisations?
  • The opportunity to participate in a community of OD professionals in the North West and make connections across the system.  
  • Support and development for your Champions.  
  • Access to the latest thinking resources and expertise that can be shared across your organisation.  
  • Creates a learning culture and promotes personal and professional development.
Who can express an interest?
  • Are you working towards ensuring that Coaching and Mentoring is included in your organisational workforce strategy and how this is implemented across the organisation/locality?  
  • Would you be able to promote the benefits of coaching and mentoring within your organisation/locality and link this with the NHS NWLA’s Coaching and Mentoring Scheme where possible?  
  • Are you able to actively participate in the Coaching and Mentoring Champions Network including network meetings as well as Network Learning Events and ensure this information is shared back within your patch?  
  • Do you have the ability to actively support and develop new mentors by delivering Mentor Development Programmes, to promote mentoring to all levels of staff?  
  • Can you work with coaches, coachees, mentors and mentees to feedback key development needs as identified through the PDR processes?  
  • Are you able to creatively share case studies, stories and learning to the wider network?

We are currently recruiting new members to the Champions Network! please express your interest at

The NHS NWLA is advocating that each organisation has at least two Champions so please share this information with your colleagues who may be interested in joining the Champions Network. As part of becoming a member of the Champions Network you will be required to complete an application pack and a future development session, with support to deliver future Mentor Development Programmes within your organisation. Please contact us at the address above with any queries you may have.


It’s Champion being a Mentor and Coach - Sue Ashman shares her experience of being a champion. 

Coaching and Mentoring


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