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To support colleagues through CCG and ICS transitions, the NHS North West Leadership Academy have created a range of useful resources for NHS leaders.

We are working with colleagues both within the region and nationally, including the NW People Team, to ensure there is ongoing, relevant support available for your teams which will underpin our aspiration to look after our people.

Regardless of our backgrounds and current circumstance, uncertainty and ambiguity during transition periods can impact us personally on a variety of levels. At the NHS North West Leadership Academy, our aim is always to support leaders by providing helpful and practical interventions that assist with real world challenges.

We’ve curated and categorised support which can be tailored to help provide you with support both now and into the medium and longer term.

121 Support

A range of expert and personalised 121 support offers are available for CCG leaders during transition. Find out more >>

The following interventions are available for CCG colleagues to book event places or access resources.

Introduction to Compassionate Leadership | Workshop for CCG and ICS Leaders

At a challenging time for CCG leaders, leading with compassion is more important than ever in supporting teams in the imminent transition to ICSs. Compassionate leadership cultivates an environment where colleagues feel listened to and their opinions are valued. This creates a culture of collaboration and resilience, which is vital in times of change and transformation. Compassionate leadership can help you and your team navigate through complex change, motivating colleagues to support each other in working towards a common goal and improving quality during periods of integration.

This workshop will outline the basic theory and practice of compassionate leadership in the current NHS. It has been designed to be engaging and fully interactive offering opportunities to reflect, discuss and set SMART goals to develop compassionate leadership in place.

Learning objectives of the workshop include:

  • To be reminded of/introduced to the three core components of self-compassion and their application in the workplace.
  • To have considered personal practice of self-compassion and have had the opportunity to share this with a peer group and a suitably qualified psychologist.
  • To have made the connection from personal practice of self-compassion to a leadership role and discussed the implications and challenges of this in the working environment, as well as identified actions to overcome barriers.
  • To have understood the basic theory, research and scientific support of compassionate leadership.
  • The opportunity to learn about and discuss key aspects relevant to compassionate leadership, reflection on the experience of developing self-compassion and compassionate leadership.
  • The opportunity to discuss how to role model compassionate approaches as a leader.

Monday 13th June 2022, 12.30pm-3.30pm

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Learning to live with Ambiguity and Uncertainty 

Uncertainty is all around us.  We crave information about the future, we crave security, we want to feel safe and have a sense of control over our lives.  The current situation means this is more difficult for many, leading to heightened anxiety, stress and powerlessness.  It's emotionally draining!  So how can we best cope when everything feels so out of control?

This 2 hour online workshop explores strategies to help alleviate anxieties and face the unknown with more confidence. 

Thursday 9th June 2022, 1pm-3pm

Find out more and book here >>

Increasing Resilience in Leadership | Workshop for CCG and ICS Leaders

This module is designed to support the development of resilience, purpose, and confidence. Whilst building on personal strengths, the workshop enables you to identify and address the internal barriers which may be holding you back from achieving success when acting at (or preparing to act at) a more senior level e.g. governing body/ board level. It will prepare you for stepping up and feeling confident when you are considering, and then applying for, a more senior role.

14th and 28th June, 9am-12pm (2 part Virtual Workshop)

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Handling Challenging Conversations | Workshop for CCG and ICS Leaders

This module involves applying sound psychological theory and practices to make a real difference in personal performance in challenging communications. During the day you will explore how clarifying feelings of threat enables us to see things more clearly and solve problems more effectively. You will apply evidence-based models for understanding different approaches to challenge and responding to these most effectively. You will also gain insight and techniques around handling thinking errors and distortions which may hamper our success in building resilience and in dealing with challenging communications.

15th and 29th June, 9am-12pm (2 part Virtual Workshop) 

Find out more and book here >>

Leading with Courage and Compassion | Workshop for CCG and ICS Leaders

The context for this module will be set by an online expert guest speaker who will outline what leading with compassion and courage actually means in meeting the challenges of the current and future climate. A range of highly relevant case studies will be used, showing service users’ experiences and ethical dilemmas. These will provide a basis for facilitated group discussions on what is the ‘right’ thing and (importantly), how and when to do it to get successful and safe outcomes. You will have the opportunity to reflect on your values, your authenticity and how you demonstrate compassion in your leadership role - along with how you transmit this through to your colleagues.

23rd and 30th June, 9am-12pm (2 part Virtual Workshop) 

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Building Ourselves Back Up 

We are living through times that most of us could never have imagined. Many of us are not in the best emotional shape facing increasing demands on our time, resources, and energy. It’s not surprising we may feel exhausted and on edge. Emotions matter for health and wellbeing – how we feel influences our bodies, including physical and mental health.

This 2 hour online workshop helps you to apply tools and techniques to boost your emotional wellbeing and explores the links between psychological wellbeing and physical wellbeing, productivity, engagement and resilience

Thursday 14th July 2022, 1pm-3pm

Find out more and book here >>

Collaborative Masterclasses

Interactive zoom sessions, providing access to innovative thinking expert speakers with cross sector knowledge and insights.

Restoration and Recovery: Improving the Health and Wellbeing Needs of Individuals, Teams and Communities | Thursday 16 June 2022 

This masterclass is part of our restoration and recovery theme as we learn to live with Covid. The focus of the masterclass is to invest in the leadership role of participants: to support their own and their team’s mental health addressing issues that they face at work and enabling them to continue to engage with the mental health needs of their communities.

How Can Strengths Based Working Lead to Healthier and Happier Communities? | Thursday 7 July 2022

“Strengths” is a concept that encompasses many aspects of who people are. Strengths include character traits, talents, and abilities. When you recognise, develop, and use them, you can take forward action and make real change. You are empowered to live well and thrive in spite of mental illness and other challenges.

Click here for all our masterclasses and to view past recordings. 

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Compassionate Leadership - Leadership Listens Series

Leadership Listens is a series of curated podcasts for leaders in health and care. This mini-series of podcasts, as part of the Leadership Listens series, is all about compassionate leadership and is a collection of conversations between Professor Michael West and leaders from across the health and care sector.

Please click here for full series>>

Bite-size learning, toolkits and videos are available for CCG colleagues.

Coaching others through change

We all respond to change in different ways – some with curiosity, courage or fear. This 10 minute short by Rasheed Ogunlaru, reminds you of the tools and techniques available to coach yourself and others through challenges and change.

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Click here to view all Bite-size learning resources.

Bringing to life the new competencies that underpin ICS-level roles

Are you considering applying for an ICS role? Has it been a while since you were interviewed, and would you appreciate an update?

As part of our support to colleagues going through CCG and ICS transitions we have made available a new webinar resource on preparing for ICS interviews. The webinar will give practical hints and tips on managing interviews well, including how to answer competency-based questions, using current and relevant examples. This pre-recorded video resource can be accessed at any time that is convenient for you.

To request access to the video resource please email our team on

Your Health and Wellbeing Webinars

Throughout the webinar series we hope to help equip colleagues to understand, and start to deal with, the psychological impact of COVID-19.  We hope to listen and co-create with colleagues to tackle new issues and issues that are being exacerbated by current conditions and deliver practical advice and support.

Links to recordings here >>

Resilience Hubs

Our Resilience Hub offers free support to all public sector workers affected psychologically by the Covid-19 pandemic. It is quick and easy to access support; please see below links to the three regional hubs.

Lancashire and South Cumbria

Cheshire and Merseyside

Greater Manchester Resilience Hub


Please email the North West Talent Team for more information and to gain access to more resources including : Aptitude tests, interview simulator (including online mock interviews), career assessments and diagnostics, readiness pulse surveys and case studies.

ProjectM | A place and space for team leaders and managers to connect, share and learn together. #ProjectM will provide line managers and team leaders with practical tools, resources and guidance for effectively leading their teams during these challenging times.

Executive Suite | Supporting executive and senior leaders across health and care to meet the challenges of leadership over the coming years and to deliver the ambitions of the NHS People Plan.

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