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Our virtual leadership series continues to be one of our essential offers, helping leaders navigate the virtual space to create connectedness and presence in the range of support to both individuals and teams.

This suite of virtual leadership offers was directly informed by feedback received from our ‘listening events’ held across the region in Summer 2020. Stakeholders advised that we needed to help leaders lead smarter and adapt to change in the virtual world, underpinned by a need for compassion and kindness. In response we commissioned a flexible suite of bite size development offers to address the immediate priorities of compassionately leading, motivating and engaging remote teams. 

Operating virtually can mean that you are as proximate to your team as the nearest Zoom, or Microsoft Teams meeting. Virtual proximity, however, does not automatically give closeness, or more importantly, connectedness. To be present in a virtual world, the leader needs to "reach out and touch" through sharing a personal story and, in turn, listen to others. Working remotely in isolation can lead to feelings of dislocation and even disengagement. This last year we have seen and continue to see, not only in our teams but also as leaders that feeling at times of being disconnected or isolated in our work. For many without the usual corridor conversations and in-person catch ups, we’ve found ourselves separate and divided from our colleagues. 

Participants in the virtual leadership sessions have an opportunity to connect and share learning in how to curate and elevate presence through a range of practical tools and tips:

Virtual Leadership Masterclass

Participants consider how we model collaborative, inclusive leadership in the current context of pressing demands, remote working, and the emotional rollercoaster of the pandemic, whilst maintaining a sense of connection with our colleagues.

“I’ll use the top tips when leading individual team meetings such as turning camera on, acknowledging everyone. Recognising the health and wellbeing of everyone and asking if they are ok and use these tips when conducting other virtual events.”

“Compassionate leadership starts with self-compassion”

“A really thought-provoking session. It will encourage me to take a step back and consider how my actions are portrayed.”

Leading with Compassion in a Virtual Space

Compassion at work is more important than ever. In a safe learning space, participants come away with understanding why and how compassion can wane and how to model compassionate leadership, even when the pressure is on.

  • “Being compassionate isn't about fixing problems.”
  • “Talking to others and gaining greater understanding of leadership struggles”

Attention is critical

Leading Remote Teams

This session focuses on how to embed human and emotional connection into team working and learn ways to enhance remote team-working, on screen and off. Even as restrictions begin to lift, it may be some time still before teams are fully back to working in the same space. This session will be adapted to include how we navigate working in a hybrid model.

“Session really gave me the boost and re-ignition I need”

“I'm going to talk to the team about the learning from today on behaviours and expectations of how people's behaviours may be whilst we are anxious and worried.  Check in regularly with the quick check in ideas.”

“I really appreciated today’s session, mental health and wellbeing is super important to me and I always try to take care of this within my team before anything else. It was nice to see this becoming a priority within this session and obviously within the wider organisation.”

Embedding Psychological Safety and Compassion in 1:1s

Leaders are equipped to understand the importance of psychological safety and compassionate leadership and have explored how 1:1s can sometimes feel sensitive and tricky and come away with tips and ideas on how to create that safe space for self and the individual.

  • “Leading in this way requires vulnerability and a sophisticated level of skill”
  • “Show up as a human being, being non-judgemental, maintain a generous mindset”

I feel validated to continue to lead in this way

Future Dates

To find out more about this offer and its evolvement to include learning and insights on hybrid working click here.

To register an Expression of Interest and stay informed on upcoming availability click here.

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