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The NHS North West Leadership Academy (NHS NWLA) understands the challenging environment that many of our NHS organisations are operating in and more recently with COVID-19 the impact on health and wellbeing of its staff. The NHS NWLA has worked to commission and mobilise a local menu of offers that provide this support to our members.

*Updated January 2021*

Please see our Health & Wellbeing section for the latest information and availability on our health, wellbeing and resilience offers for senior leaders, or view and share our downloadable PDF summary.

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Compassionate leadership coaching programme

Audience: This intervention is aimed to support senior leaders (NHS Organisation Directors, Executive Leads and those working in system level roles in transformation footprints)

Time Commitment: 8 Week Programme – 4 small group Coaching Sessions interspersed by online webinar support

This distinctive coaching programme will enable those responsible for leading in organisations and/or across their system and locality, to acknowledge and respond to their own need for compassion and therefore allow them the opportunity to more fully engage, support and influence colleagues and staff in their delivery of compassionate care to citizens and communities. The outcomes for programme participants will be:

  • To be introduced to the three core components of self-compassion
  • To have developed personal practice of self-compassion and discussed this with a suitably qualified coach and expert in the field of self-compassion
  • To have made the connection from personal practice of self-compassion to a leadership role and discussed the implications and challenges of this in the working environment, as well as identified actions to overcome these through the use of a live action plan
  • To have begun to role model compassionate approaches as a leader
  • To have been given the opportunity and support to develop a ‘Community of Practice’ in regard to self-compassion in the workplace

Find out more about compassionate coaching here.


Time Commitment: 4 Week Programme accessed online at users discretion

This intervention is suitable for all members of staff within our membership organisations.

The programme provides a full grounding in the theory and practice of self-compassion in the workplace to improve health, wellbeing and resilience. Through a series of webinars, podcasts and key tasks this programme will focus on:

  • Increased self-compassion and mental wellbeing
  • Decreased stress and burnout
  • Improved self-care
  • Improved emotional resilience

Time Commitment: 4 x 60minute Online Workshops

This online programme aims to help delegates understand the things that cause stress (“stressors”) and how to become more stress-resistant. Most people are faced with increasing complexity and rising workload, and report a poor work/life balance as they struggle to reconcile work priorities with home or family commitments. You may not be able to avoid all the causes of stress, but you can become better at recognising them and at building up your reserves of resilience to mitigate the effects of stress.

The training focuses on how to develop awareness of your stressors and practical methods for maintaining a deep “resilience well”. It provides an opportunity to put what you’ve learnt about your personal resilience into practice and apply it to your own work/life situation. Delegates should expect to leave understanding:

  • What depletes and replenishes their resilience
  • How to recognise and deal with their personal stressors
  • How to increase their overall stress-resistance and come back from adversity
  • How the right team dynamics and awareness of others can alleviate stress for everyone.
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Time Commitment: 1.5hour Online Workshop  

Expected outcomes from undertaking the programme:

  • Develop an awareness of my level of personal resilience
  • Gain a practical understanding of effective tools to build resilience
  • Be able to review the impact of this development on my personal resilience
  • Be able to develop a growth strategy in continuing resilience development

Time Commitment: 3hour Online Workshop

Expected outcomes from undertaking the programme:

  • Develop an awareness of my level of personal & leadership resilience
  • Gain a practical understanding of effective tools to build resilience and how to apply to other individuals and team
  • Be able to review the impact of this development on my leadership resilience
  • Be able to develop a growth strategy in continuing resilience development in the organisation

Time Commitment: 2hour Online Workshop

Emotions matter for health and wellbeing – how we feel influences our bodies, including physical and mental health. Stress and pressure are associated with increased levels of cortisol linked to depression, cardio vascular issues and weight gain.  Learning to regulate unpleasant emotions and experience more positive emotions have been shown to have health benefits including greater resilience.

During the session you will:

  • Explore the links between psychological wellbeing and physical wellbeing, productivity, engagement and resilience
  • Undertake an emotional audit
  • Learn how to maximise your positive emotions
  • Apply tools and techniques to boost your emotional wellbeing
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Time Commitment: 2hour Online Workshop

Uncertainty is all around us. We crave information about the future, we crave security, we want to feel safe and have a sense of control over our lives and the current situation means this is more difficult for many leading to heightened anxiety, stress and powerlessness. It’s emotionally draining. So how can we best cope when everything feels so out of control?

This session explores strategies to help alleviate anxieties and face the unknown with more confidence. During the session you will:

  • Learn how to focus on controlling those things that are under your control
  • Learn to better tolerate, even embrace, the inevitable uncertainty of life
  • Understand the difference between resisting and acceptance
  • Identify your healthy comforts
  • Develop a realistic perspective
  • Agree personal action points

Time Commitment: 2hour Online Workshop

To cope and thrive, leaders need to be agile and resilient. Resilience is more relevant than ever as we juggle work lives which are disruptive and ever changing with often increasing demands.

We will explore the latest developments in neuroscience, positive psychology, emotional intelligence and resilience to help you enhance your own well-being, feel less pressured and facilitate resilience and well-being in your teams. During the session you will:

  • Surface and reflect on your current resilience level
  • Understand the components of resilience
  • Understand and be able to apply a gauge for measuring your resilience level so you know when to take action to protect yourself
  • Better understand how to build and boost your resilience level
  • Craft an effective strategy to create a better, more integrated work-life balance/blend

Time Commitment: 2hour Online Workshop

None of us has infinite energy and our ability to remain compassionate, effective and productive in both our home and work lives (increasingly blurred) will rely on our ability to look after ourselves. Investing in our own wellbeing and developing greater self-compassion needs to be a priority. Each of us is different and there is no one right way to do this – the methods we choose to invest in our wellbeing is not so important but doing it is vital. During the session you will:

  • Understand the notion of “intrinsic motivation” and why this makes self-compassion more difficult for key workers
  • Learn about the 3 core components of self-compassion
  • Explore how developing greater self-compassion boosts the immune system and reduces anxiety
  • Understand how practising self-compassion can change your responses to negative experiences and setbacks
  • Identify the tools and tips to incorporate self-compassion into your life
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Time Commitment: 3hour Online Workshop

Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, challenges, threats or significant sources of stress. Being resilient does not mean that a person does not experience difficulty or distress, rather, it means "bouncing back" from difficult experiences. Resilience involves behaviours, thoughts and actions that can be learned and developed in anyone.

The course gives practical skills and approaches to help individuals and teams be more effective within their work environments and participants will leave the course with an action plan to take back to the workplace and home to build greater emotional resilience.


Time Commitment: 3hour Online Workshop

Mindfulness can help us deal better with stress and anxiety, manage our emotions and thoughts, have better relationships and strengthen our ability to remain calm and balanced. Developing awareness of our present moment experience can improve mental wellbeing and an on-going mindfulness practice can enhance our enjoyment of the world, give us insight into ourselves and help us make healthier life choices.

This course will help you to understand what mindfulness is (and isn’t) and give opportunities to practise and experience mindfulness through practical exercises. During the session you will look at:

  • What is mindfulness and how is it useful?
  • Everyday ways to develop Mindfulness at work and home
  • Applications of mindfulness to dealing with emotions, making better choices with food and drink, unwanted patterns of behaviour and listening to others.
  • Practical ways to develop mindfulness to reduce stress and improve wellbeing
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This #WorldSleepDay, find out about the wellbeing apps on offer for #OurNHSPeople — including @Sleepio, a clinically evidenced and personalised programme to help improve poor sleep. Register now for a year of free access. 🛌 👇
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April dates announced!📢 Sessions to support leaders in the virtual working environment focused on compassionate leadership, facilitation skills and leading remote teams. Interested? Follow the link to find out more >
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