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North West organisations performing at their peak

As the latest cohort of our Perform @ Your Peak (P@YP) intervention commences the programme, last year’s participating teams from organisations across the North West have been reflecting on how awareness of lifestyle and work stressors has provided them with insight and strategies for supporting individual and team wellbeing and effective, healthy ways of working.

Understanding Triggers | NHS Transformation Unit

At the NHS Transformation Unit, a small group who were a cross section of the organisation were selected to understand how lifestyle as well as job role impacted their overall health & wellbeing. They wanted to understand further the triggers of stress and other factors that can influence general health & wellbeing, including workplace triggers and journey to work, as well as social activities. The individuals involved gained insight into whether their perception of their health actually reflected how their bodies respond; as well as the impact of physical activity, especially as an office based team.

“Workplaces can have an influence over lifestyles by influencing the workforce, who then in turn influence their families and friends.”

NHS Transformation Unit team

Pictured: NHS Transformation Unit team

Better Ways of Working | NHS Blackpool CCG

On the Fylde Coast, local health organisations are now part of an Integrated Care Partnership (ICP), bringing together the two local CCGs in Blackpool and Fylde and Wyre along with the local authorities and Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to make best use of resources and ensure health services are joined up and working towards the same goals. A group of colleagues from across the partnership undertook the intervention.

Nathan Skelton, Communications and Engagement Manager at NHS Blackpool CCG, told us

“When embarking on the Perform @ Your Peak programme in spring 2018 the partnership was in its early stages and it was hoped that by going through the programme staff would learn more about becoming efficient as joint teams as well as taking the opportunity to learn about their own strengths so they could contribute to the new ways of working.

“As well as the organisational goals each of the participants had their own goals which ranged from improving fitness to learning how their lifestyle affects their work life and how to become more productive in the workplace as part of their team.

“Every participant received a personalised report analysing their own characteristics around psychology, productivity, physiology and recovery. This helped them understand different working styles and personal needs which in turn enabled better understanding of themselves and others which could be used to improve working relationships between colleagues.

“The ability for people to work better across organisations through the understanding of different styles of working…has meant the process of joining up of the ICP has been easier. This has a knock on effect of improving the outcomes which are all targeted at improving health services for people living on the Fylde Coast. In time, by working together better, we hope that patients and residents will have better experiences of health care and better health services that will improve their care and treatment.”

Engaging with Staff | Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust

A team from the Medical Assessment Unit (MAU) at Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust (WWL) undertook the programme in September, an opportunity to recognise their efforts and highlight how the pace and patient complexities on MAU can test resilience and performance for the people involved. With staff health and wellbeing a priority at WWL, P@YP aimed to give team members time to understand the physiological impact of pressure on them as an individual; and empower them with tips and techniques to make positive changes based on the personal evidence gathered. It would also help the organisation to understand pressure and performance in a different way to the usual HR metrics and staff surveys.

WWL MAU team from Lowton Ward

Pictured: MAU team at Lowton Ward

Taking part has allowed WWL to engage with people’s health and wellbeing at a personal level which is really powerful; helping to raise awareness and nudge towards positive behaviours. The programme highlighted the need for nursing staff to have some time to reflect on personal resilience, recovery and what daily tweaks they can make in their lives for the better. Consequently the Trust’s in-house Personal Resilience training has now been incorporated into their nursing development programme. Individuals are also given time to reflect on why they want / need to be resilient and actively pledge to identify activities to boost performance and resilience.

Wellbeing has strong links with engagement, and since completing the intervention MAU staff have engaged with a variety of wellbeing interventions at WWL, volunteering to pilot a health and wellbeing app for maintaining positive wellbeing and enrolling in WWL’s staff engagement programme, Go Engage.

Progress on Wellbeing | Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

At Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust, the Health & Wellbeing at Work team incorporated P@YP into a wider intervention aimed at culture and wellbeing improvement in the organisation. The programme was intended to provide a different perspective on addressing health and wellbeing, particularly in relation to supporting staff who are susceptible to stress and anxiety. It helped the wellbeing services team to understand the relationship between resilience, quality of life and performance, and how stress can impact staff in both a positive and negative way.

The team have shared a paper on ‘Our Wellbeing Progress’, exploring the impact of their wellbeing activity over time. Click here to read.

If you have any comments or questions, or if you are a programme participant and would like to share your feedback please do get in touch on nwla.comms@nhs.net. We'd love to hear from you!

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