Go Back Safe Spaces – Participant Reflections on Inclusive Mentoring

Attendees shared their insights on the Inclusive Mentoring sessions facilitated by Rehana Begum (an NHS NWLA Coaching and Mentoring Champion). These sessions provided a safe space for participants to become creative about their journey around mentoring purpose and intent.

Zieda Ali, NHS Bolton CCG attended on of the sessions, told us:

One of my favourite workshops was the inclusive mentoring workshop delivered by the NHS North West Leadership Academy in September 2019.

“Be honest with your leaders”.

Inclusive mentoring involved creating a private, trusted safe space, somewhere you could adapt and feel comfortable. You were able to express the important things that mattered to you via paintings, creative writing, drama, and play – whether they are personal, professional, or a combination of both.

As a woman of colour inclusive mentoring can particularly help people who are a minority and more at junior grades as they will have greater influences and it will help progress their careers through various diverse learning styles. For example, someone who has dyslexia like myself can demonstrate my journey via illustrations, pictures and paintings. [Inclusive mentoring is] a great initiative. The idea is to provide inclusive mentoring support and advice to network leads – particularly in working out how to make change happen in their teams and departments across the health & social care economy.

Inclusive Mentoring - Workshop

Rachael Rogers, East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust (ELHT), reflected:

I came on the Inclusive Mentee Awareness session to gain a better understanding of how I could incorporate more inclusivity into the Mentor Development Days and Mentee Awareness sessions I deliver at ELHT.  Initially Rehana our facilitator supported the creation of a safe space where we could consider our own inclusivity and how we could maximise the impact of mentoring by being true to self and honest with others. We explored our how we could influence the mentor relationship and reflected on our intention and purpose in seeking a mentor. Rehana used various theories and models to support the discussion and encouraged us to use our creativity to accurately define our mentoring goals.  

I thoroughly enjoyed each part of the session and had the pleasure of meeting new colleagues. I'm looking forward to developing the local sessions I deliver to include this content.

“A workshop which gave a different meaning to inclusive and mentoring”

Find out more about the inclusive mentoring approach here

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