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Health & Wellbeing

Having a leadership culture, where health and wellbeing is encouraged and supported, is key to ensuring staff are able to enhance and prioritise their own wellbeing.

We know that winter comes with additional pressures that can add strain to you and your staff’s wellbeing, while leaving you with less time than ever to address it. To support you through this time, a summary of key offers has been put together that can help you and your staff during these particularly challenging months. The majority are both bitesize and virtual, to make them as accessible as possible around extremely busy schedules. These represent only a small selection of the health and wellbeing support available, and you can find below a more detailed summary of the rest of this support that you may wish to access now or at a future date.

Please do share this resource with any colleagues who may benefit.

Safer Winter Staff Recovery Resource


The NHS People Plan 2020/21 discuss there are four areas that form the heart of it, the first of these is to "look after our people - with the quality of health and wellbeing support for everyone"... "this includes support for organisations and individuals".Prerana Issar and Sir David Behan discuss the themes of the People Plan 2020/21 - YouTube

Our full offer of health and wellbeing related activities and interventions includes:

Resilience Offers | Bite Sized – These bite sized workshops look to support a personal and organisation focus on resilience, with short 2-3 hour virtual content delivery.

Health and Wellbeing Virtual Offers | Bite Size -  These bite sized workshops to support Health and Wellbeing across the North West.

Public Sector Self-Compassion at Work Programme - The NHS people promise has identified that building more compassionate and inclusive cultures is a key action to support NHS line managers and leaders.

Compassionate Coaching for Leadership Programme - This distinctive coaching programme will enable those responsible for leading in organisations and/or across their system and locality, to acknowledge and respond to their own need for compassion.

Healthy Leadership Framework  A behavioural framework that can be used flexibly to support healthy leadership development and help leaders promote positive wellbeing in the workplace.

There is also a suite of leadership health and wellbeing support and development available via the NHS People website

This comprises a range of flexible offers to support you as a leader recognising that sometimes you lead in unprecedented circumstances and supporting you to meet these challenges in a sustainable way. There are a variety of pathways available including: 

Guides and bitesize learning - Develop new skills and discover new ways to improve your experience of work with short 10- to 20-minute guides developed by experts.

Executive Suite -  Developed to support executive leaders meet the challenges of leadership over the coming years, the materials here in this executive suite are provided to open the space for co-development of leadership and lifelong learning with executive leaders. 

ProjectM - A place and space for team leaders and managers to connect, share and learn together, providing practical tools, resources and guidance for effectively leading teams during challenging times.

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