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Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring can provide vital support and development at any point in your career, helping to develop adaptability, agility and resilience which are increasingly important in times of change and transformation. Our approach to coaching and mentoring is to ensure leaders at all levels have access to support and that those providing that support have access to their own development opportunities.

Coaching is a method of developing capability on an individual basis through a one to one, focused relationship. It is often perceived as the single most effective development intervention that a senior leader can access, helping them to explore and develop their own leadership skills and to work more effectively within their organisation and externally.

Mentoring is the support and guidance of one individual to another with a focus on professional development and achieving career goals. Mentoring is available to a diverse range of employees and cross-organisational, cross-professional and peer mentoring relationships are encouraged.

We provide a high quality, confidential service matching mentees with trained mentors and coachees with experienced and qualified coaches through our coaching and mentoring hub which provides registrants with the facility to create a profile, manage relationships, book onto, access free resources and communicate with other members.

Below you can find further information, development opportunities and access to resources.


NHS North West Leadership AcademyNHS North West Leadership Academy@nhsnwla
Influencing and negotiation skills training will include theory, including Kelman’s social influence theory, Cialdini’s principles of influence. We will consider assertiveness (versus passive and aggressive behaviours). #PMprog
Posted 15 minutes ago
NHS North West Leadership AcademyNHS North West Leadership Academy@nhsnwla
Following on from the first session; this morning will focus on effective and powerful communication skills using a mix of taught theory and practical application. #PMprog
Posted 50 minutes ago
NHS North West Leadership AcademyNHS North West Leadership Academy@nhsnwla
We are very excited to welcome you to day two of our Practice Managers Event here in Liverpool. To those on their way, have a wonderful journey. Looking forward to seeing you here! #PMprog
Posted 1 hour ago