Managing Personal Change

Change is something that happens to us throughout our lives, whether we desire it or whether it is imposed. We move home, end and begin significant relationships and move jobs or employing organisation. Change may create opportunities and challenge for us all.

The way that individuals respond to change has been well researched.  We all pass through a cycle of emotions as we deal with change and its consequences. The timing and depth of the experiences varies depending on a variety of factors, including amongst others;

  • The amount of control and influence we have over the change
  • Our engagement in the process
  • Sense of loss
  • Ability to live with and manage stress
  • Individual resilience or 'bounce back ability' of the person

This section provides documents and links relating to managing personal change, stress management and personal resilience.

NHS North West - Managing Personal Change Workbook
Thinking about your approach to personal and organisational change, practical advice and guidance relating to transition and change and exercises to build up a personal portfolio.
Managing Change - 5 Basic Principles
Understanding different reactions to change, meeting fundamental needs, the loss curve, managing expectations, dealing with fears.
Resistance and Barriers to Change
This document examines the barriers and resistance to change at both the individual and the organisational level.
Are You Resilient?
An article which describes the concept of resilience and tips on how to increase your own reserves
Techniques to Tackle Stress - NHS Employers
A guide to taking control of stress from NHS Employers
Coaching and Mentoring
Definitions and benefits of coaching and mentoring. How to access a freelance or NHS accredited or trained coach or mentor within the North West Region.